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Development objectives

In your first project you developed a dynamic website from ground up leveraging the WordPress CMS and
framework, representing your startup organization/business and featuring real content. In this final phase of the
project, you will take your website to the next level by incorporating external sources of data using JavaScript and
APIs, creating further interactivity and dynamic content by integrating APIs. You will also develop a Web Analytics
program & SEO/SEM keyword plan with dimensions and metrics that are of relevance to your business/organization.

Scope of work

API Process Document: Scope out and identify your APIs and approach:

1. Find the data APIs that you will use from your own
research, or from any of the sources/resources presented 2. in class

2. Write at least half a page for the API that explains the following:

1. The function and what it does;

2. References to its documentation;

3. Why you use it and a strong case for its application and purpose relevant to your project.

Note: As one of your two APIs, you are free to use the map API demonstrated in class if you can make a
compelling case for integrating it into your website (for example on a contact page), however the other one

API must be different than in-class examples.

API/JS Integration: Through the use of JavaScript, you will seamlessly integrate external data, making it adhere to
your overall design in a usable and aesthetically-pleasing way. This will involve applying best practices discussed in
class, while making use of HTML and CSS in your code. Your website must include the use and integration of at least
two distinct APIs on any of the home/inner pages.

3. Integrate each API on your website, ensuring creative customization of presentation and proper use of JS

4. Provide links and references for all used code

Note: Emphasis should be on ensuring that all content is displayed in a manner that is consistent with your
site’s overall visual identity and look and feel. It is expected that you use APIs that deliver real added value
to your site, avoiding any implementation that is done for the sole purpose of “integrating APIs for the sake
of integration”.

Web Analytics Program & SEO/SEM Keyword Plan: The goal is to develop a decision-support tool (analytics
program) as a valuable reference document for your business, articulating high level strategies for generating insight
from analytics evidence. The deliverable is to produce a well- designed document with a balance of text and graphs
that describe and illustrate your plan for a Web Analytics program in 8 well-analyzed, well-written and well-designed
pages. Discuss and present the following components by providing a comprehensive overview of the main measures
and their respective purposes:

1. Description of measured data dimensions and metrics 2. At least 3 unique Macro/Micro conversions
2. At least 3 unique Macro/Micro conversions
3. At least 6 unique segmentations including user and system segments
4. Projected expectations of data against well-researched industry benchmarks with reference to the cases and
5. And WEO/SEM keyword plan based on yoru analytics program as part of ta marketing strategy of your