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R编程代写|Homework 11

R编程代写|Homework 11


In the final project we deal with the royal game of chess. The data set contains over 20000 games
played on the chess platform Lichess. Download the chess data,
familiarize yourself with the data set, read it into R and solve the
following problems:

1. Calculate the following metrics:

• In how many games is short, long or not castled? Consider all
nine possible combinations between white and black.

• In how many games does the ”en passant” play occur?

• Calculate the number of core conversions per game. In each case,
determine which figure the pawn was transformed into

2. Write a function that returns the remaining pieces for white and
black of any game (defined by game ID) after k moves.

3. Write a function that visualizes the game position of any game
(defined by the game ID) after k moves.

Notes and Notices:

• A turn corresponds to a turn of white and black. A move made only
by white or only by black is called a half-move.