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Linux代写 | Activity Report 1 – Linux System Administration

Linux代写 | Activity Report 1 – Linux System Administration



First view the general instructions on Activity Reports. The following are specific instructions that apply to this Activity Report.



Submit the following files based on the tasks you performed in weeks 1 to 5:


1. ar1-answers. docx This includes the answers for all questions listed in each task of each week.

2. ar1-eysadmin-loe docx. This is your system administrator log for all tasks of each week. It will also contain your personal reflection.

3. week1-screenshot- login png .

4. week2-screenshot- putty. png .

5. week2-dot-vimrc. txt

6. week3-tcpudp-count. txt

7. week3-tcpdup-command. sh

8. week3-cpu-capability-list. txt

9. week3- -cpu- -capability-command. sh

10. reek4-filesumary. sh

11. week4-screenshot-filesummary. png

12. week4-backupusers. sh

13. week5-permissions. txt


Marking Criteria

In general, you will be marked based on the clarity, completeness and accuracy of your responses, and the correctness and relevance of your file submissions (e.g. screenshots, scripts, outputs). Your sysadmin log will be marked based on it demonstrating clear, regular and accurate descriptions of changes to your machine(s) and key things learnt each week.

The marksheet (see link below) provides detailed marking criteria used to mark each question and file and becomes your feedback when returned to you.