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软件开发代写|COIT13234 – Mobile Software Development

软件开发代写|COIT13234 – Mobile Software Development



  1. Objective

This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes

  •    Buildand test a mobile application

  1. Introduction

This assessment requires you to design and implement a mobile application called PropertyList. The

application will list properties for sale with their location and agent details.

This is an individual assessment.

  1. Specifications

You are to create a mobile application using Kotlin and Android Studio according to the following     specifications. Note that you are not to use commands and techniques outside those covered in the textbook and tutorials.

The application will consist of two screens or pages.

  1.  Alistpage using a RecyclerView that displays a list of properties for sale
  2.  Adetailspage that displays details for an individual property

Clicking on a list item will open the details page for that property.


Done Button

Pressing the Done button must swap back to the list page and update the list. You must not update the list if the item details have not changed.

Field text must be present and in the correct format when closing the page, otherwise an appropriate error message is to be displayed and the app is to remain on the details page. Error messages must be displayed using an alert dialog.

The updated list is to be displayed on return to the list page (if the list data has changed).

You may use a ViewModel or fragment args with a  callback to pass data between fragments


Back Button

If the back button is pressed on the list page the app is to exit

If the back button is pressed on the details page it must return to the list page with the following       conditions. If the house details have changed you must display an alert dialog asking if you wish to    discard changes. If Yes is selected, the app is to return to the list without saving the changes. If No is selected, the app is to stay on the details page. If there are no changes the app is to return to the list page without displaying a dialog.


Activities and Fragments

You must use one activity with two fragments :  one fragment for the list page and one fragment for the details page.


Coding Style

Code must use clean, efficient, well-structured code. Marks will be deducted for poor programming style and techniques.

You must create your fragments from Empty Kotlin code files and empty layouts as you did in the tutorials. You must not use the New/Fragment wizards.

String resources must be used where possible.


  1. Submission

You MUST use File => Manage IDE => Export to zip file in Android Studio to save your project

  •    DoNotzip your project using anything other than Android Studio

You MUST name the zip file :

You are required to submit your assignment electronically via the Moodle course website.  The submission will be a zip folder as specified which will containing all the code and resources required to run the program.


  1. AssessmentCriteria


You are not to use any commands or techniques outside of those covered in the lectures, text and tutorials or deductions will be made.