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EdMedia International Pty Ltd (EdMI) is proceeding with the EduStream project.  You are the Project Manager.  The other elements of this scenario comply with the information provided in the Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 materials, as well as other Topic-related content.

Because of your good management, the project timeline is progressing, as illustrated in Figure 1.  The events covered in these exam questions are taking place during the period in the middle of October 2021 (which is highlighted by the red hatched area shown in the timeline).

Figure 1:  EduStream Project Timeline – Overview

All of the questions in this exam paper refer to this scenario.  Where specifically requested, refer to the scenario.  This includes any question that requires you to include ‘Apply’ within the Define, Explain, Apply framework or when required to help you assess a situation.  This includes Questions 1.ii), 3.ii), 4.ii).b. and 5.ii).

Question 1

It is early afternoon, and you are answering emails in your office.  You have received an email from a member of the Board.  This email states:  ‘During our last meeting you talked about Functional and Non-Functional testing.  Please explain the difference between functional and non-functional tests and give some examples to explain how they will be used in the EduStream project.  I understand that you are very busy so please just provide clear dot points to explain this to me and spend no more than about 20 minutes on the response’ for both of the parts listed below.

Utilise the Define, Explain and Apply approach to provide the required information in the following two parts:

i) Define and Explain the difference between functional and non-functional tests.

i) List four functional tests and four non-functional tests.  For each type of test provide concise dot-point information to Define, Explain and Apply that test.  In particular, for the Apply component, give one example of when you would use that type of test for the EduStream project.