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代码代写|IPP221 IT Professional Practice ASSESSMENT 1 BRIEF

代码代写|IPP221 IT Professional Practice ASSESSMENT 1 BRIEF



Assessment Task

Based on the case scenario provided below, write a 700-word (+/- 10%) report. This report should include comparisons of existing ethical theories in relation to the case study and provide recommendations based on your analysis.



The world wide web (www) has long been a playground for hackers, offering up hundreds of millions of public-facing servers having basic vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This assessment gives you the opportunity to study a case and apply the knowledge and theories you’ve learnt in Module 1: Ethical Theories, Module 2: IT Professional Code of Conduct, and Module 3: IP and Copy Rights. In doing so, you are required to analyse the case scenario and provide your critical analysis and recommendations of the case study.



Please read the case scenario provided by your learning facilitator – “Assessment 1 – Case Study”.

Please also review the learning resources provided in Module 1 to 4.

1.Write a 700-word essay and address the following:

a.Who are the stakeholders involved in this case? Identify the importance and influence of each stakeholder in this case.

b.What ethical issues do you spot in this scenario?

c.Consider the case through the ethical lenses of rights, justice, utilitarianism,virtue, and the common good; what aspects of the ethical landscape do they highlight?

d.Does the inclusion of an opt-out feature change your ethical analysis of the project? If so, how?

e.Illustrate with an example how excellence can be achieved through professional collaboration. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of collaboration in the IT profession?


Structure of the Report

  • The total word count for the written report should be no more than 700 words.
  • Please follow the following structure when writing the report (use the word count in each section as a guide only)

o Introduction or background information: (150 words)

▪ Start with the background information on ethical theories in information technology.

o Body: This contains your response including the answers to the guide questions. This should contain your discussion and explanation of the ethical issue about the case scenario. (400 words)

o Conclusion: Briefly summarise your recommendations and how this issue could have been avoided. (150 words)

o References (at least three references).