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计算机代写|COMP2300/6300/ENGN2219 Assignment 2: Light Show

计算机代写|COMP2300/6300/ENGN2219 Assignment 2: Light Show

这是一篇来自澳洲的关于编写一个 ARM 汇编程序,该程序使用 microbit 上的 LED 阵列来创建吸引观看者的不断变化的灯光体验计算机代写



Here’s a technical specificiation for your assignment.

Your program:

  • must be written in ARMv7 assembly using the assignment template (link)
  • must use the LEDs to create a light show that changes over time
    • should use scanning on the LEDs to enable displaying of any 5×5 image
  • the light show must sufficiently demonstrate the techincal capabilities of your implementation
  • must never stop (it can repeat or loop)
  • must work when the microbit is powered over USB but not connected to a computer (that is, it works after you upload it and plug into a USB charger)
  • should use memory (data structures) to create a changing and easily modifiable light show
  • must include the submission of a <1000 words design document describing:
    • what your design is (and how it meets the assignment specification)
      • this is the code design, not what light show you’re displaying
    • how you accomplished it
    • why your design choices were appropriate for the task


To successfully complete this assignment, the following files must be submitted:

  1. src/main.S containing your implementation
  2. src/____.S any additional files you wish to include or split your implementation across (optional)
  3. src/____-lib.S any files that contain alternative or modified versions of the functions found in lib/___.S (optional)
  4. containing your name, uid and a list of references for any work that is not your own
  5. containing your <1000 word design document
    • optional assets/* containing any images you want to add in your document

Marking Criteria

Your assignment will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Sophistication of your implementation in ARM-v7 assembly language (50/100)
  2. Sophistication of your design and how it meets the assignment specification (25/100)
  3. Sophistication of analysis and evaluation of why your implementation is correct and appropriate for your design and what limitations it might have (25/100)

Item 1 will be evaluated primarily through your program code. Items 2 and 3 will be evaluated through your and the quality of the writing within.

For more information on items 2 and 3, read the design document guide.

For item 1, you can consider the following to be a part of assessing the sophistication of your program:

  • your use of memory for encoding your light show
  • how easy it is to change what is displaying (a high quality submission should require little / no changes to the code to change what is being displayed)
  • your level of extension beyond a basic scanning display
  • your style and adherence to assembly programming standards
    • includes things like following calling convention and good commenting
    • for more information, check the assembly style guide

Ideas For Implementation

This list is non-exhaustive and is only provided as a guide to give you an idea of what we’re expecting the difficulty of the grade ranges to look like.

Each point is an example of a submission, meaning that you only have to do one point from that grade range (unless otherwise specified). However, the more featured your submission is, the higher the mark. In saying that though, a single high quality feature is probably better than a few low-quality ones.






必须使用分配模板(链接)在 ARMv7 程序集中编写
必须使用 LED 来创建随时间变化的灯光秀
应该使用 LED 扫描来显示任何 5×5 图像
当 microbit 通过 USB 供电但未连接到计算机时必须工作(也就是说,它在您上传并插入 USB 充电器后工作)
必须提交一份 <1000 字的设计文件,说明:


src/main.S 包含您的实现
src/____.S 您希望包含或拆分实施的任何其他文件(可选)
src/____-lib.S 包含 lib/___.S 中函数的替代或修改版本的任何文件(可选) 包含您的姓名、uid 和任何不属于您自己的作品的参考列表 包含您的 <1000 字设计文档
可选资产/* 包含您要添加到文档中的任何图像



1.ARM-v7 汇编语言实现的复杂性 (50/100)
2.设计的复杂程度以及它如何满足作业规范 (25/100)
3.详细分析和评估您的实施为何正确且适合您的设计,以及它可能有哪些限制 (25/100)

第 1 项将主要通过您的程序代码进行评估。 第 2 项和第 3 项将通过您的 和其中的写作质量进行评估。

有关第 2 项和第 3 项的更多信息,请阅读设计文档指南。

对于第 1 项,您可以将以下内容视为评估程序复杂性的一部分:




每个点都是提交的示例,这意味着您只需完成该等级范围内的一个点(除非另有说明)。 但是,您提交的内容越有特色,分数就越高。 尽管如此,单个高质量的特征可能比几个低质量的特征要好。