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CS代写|CS4458/CS9636 – Network Security Fall 2022 – Assignment 5

CS代写|CS4458/CS9636 – Network Security Fall 2022 – Assignment 5




  • Get experience with network security principles, architectures, protocols, standards, and best practices.


Imagine yourself as a communication networks security analyst in a new financial corporation, ABC Bank.

ABC Bank is going to set up its Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure for its headquarters (HQ) and fifty branch locations nationwide. All of the branch sites and the HQ will be connected through a VPN network. Also, wireless LAN will be available at the HQ and all branch locations.

As a network security analyst, your job is to develop a high-level architecture/design guideline for ABC Bank’s ICT infrastructure setup. In doing so, you will be providing the technical cyber/network security guideline on the following items:

  1. (15pt) Guideline on “bring your own device” (BYOD).
  2. (10pt) Guideline on corporate wireless LAN setup.
  3. (10pt) Guideline on corporate email.
  4. (15pt) Guideline on corporate VPN setup that will connect all branch sites and HQ.
  5. (15pt) Guideline on Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS).
  6. (15pt) Guideline on Firewall setup.
  7. (10pt) Guideline on DoS/DDoS prevention strategies.
  8. (10pt) Guideline on corporate cloud computing.