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CS代写|CS 33400, Fall 2022 Assignment 8—Hardware rendering

CS代写|CS 33400, Fall 2022 Assignment 8—Hardware rendering



In a nutshell

Extend your interactive 3-D graphics application to make use of graphics hardware.


  1. Hardware rendering functionality
  • Interpolation of vertex colors loaded from geometric model file.
  • Texture mapping.
  • Wireframe and filled mode, for both vertex color interpolation and texture mapping.
  1. Example
  • Demonstrate hardware rendering on a 3-D scene with at least a per-vertex-colored object and a texture-mapped object.
  • Display the frame rate on the image (e.g. top left corner).
  • Define a camera path to show your scene, save it to file.
  • Make a 10s video of your scene hardware rendered along the camera path.
  1. Extra credit
  • Shadow mapping (3%)
  • Projective texture mapping (3%)
  • Environment mapping of distance geometry (3%)
  • Environment mapped reflections (3%)

Turn in

  • Code.
  • Camera path file.
  • Movie file.
  • A README.txt description of your GUI.

Other Requirements

  • All required features and the extra features should be shown in the video. •
  • Upload the video file separately, not in a zip file. (1 point)
  • TAs cannot edit your code, even for comment/uncomment.