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C++ OpenGL代写 | 3D computer graphics application Assignment 4

C++ OpenGL代写 | 3D computer graphics application Assignment 4

本次新西兰代写主要为C++ OpenGL相关的assignment


Design and build your own 3D computer graphics application. The application should demonstrate an implementation of
either a collection of methods/techniques brought together in a single scene or explore a more advanced rendering method
not previously covered in the course.


The following are some ideas of possible projects:

• A scene combining several of the more advanced methods discussed in the course.
• An implementation of an advanced rendering problem – water rendering, reflections, particle effects for fire, etc
• Simple computer simulations for real-time graphics – cloth simulation, hard-/soft-body physics etc
• Simple procedural generation methods – e.g. terrain generation


1. You must discuss your project idea with the lecturer to ensure it is suitable. Do this before you start working on it!

2. You must submit your project and any necessary assets on the course Stream site. Include a short project report
explaining the scope of your project, the goal of the project, what methods you are using and how you have
implemented them (1-2 pages is enough).

3. You should only use: C++, OpenGL Core Profile, GLM, stb_image.h, GLSL, GLFW (and GLEW if your OS
requires). Do not use any operating system specific code (windows.h etc), any window management and/or
input/output should be handled with GLFW. If you are intending to use any additional libraries, you should discuss
this with the lecturer beforehand.