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C语言代写 | COIS 3320 Fundamentals of Operating Systems

C语言代写 | COIS 3320 Fundamentals of Operating Systems


Lab 4
COIS 3320 – Fundamentals of Operating Systems Winter 2021
Due Date: April 2nd by 11:59PM

The objective of this lab is to implement a simple file system using a “generic” doubly linked list in C1 2.


Your program should create files implemented as structs3 and be able to place them within a directory (also implemented as a struct).

struct dir{char name[50]; char ID[10];};

struct file{char name[50]; char ID[10];};

The root directory will be the head (first node) in the linked list. The next attribute in your head node in your doubly linked list will point to the first file or directory that is a direct child of the root directory (directly within the root).

The previous attribute of the head node (root) will always be null.

The previous attribute of any node that is not the head node (root) will point to the directory that contains it. For example, if we have a folder (directory) named src within root, the previous attribute will be root, the next attribute will be the first file or directory (folder) within the src folder (if it exists).

In your main function create a root directory with two files and a folder (directory) within it. Name one of the files alaadin.pdf, name the second yourname.docx, name the directory (folder) src. Within the src directory (folder) place a file named yourStudentNumber.h.

Create the structs that represent the files and directories (folders), and then place them into your doubly linked list according to the specifications above.

Lastly, print out the doubly linked list from your main function.

Note: Ideally you would have a way to check if the same file or directory (folder) name exists within the directory (folder) you are placing it. You do not have to implement that type of functionality.


Please submit your well documented (commented) modular C code and testing PDF as a zip file to the Lab 4 submission dropbox by the deadline. Your testing should just show some sample output for one scenario (i.e., printing out the contents of the doubly linked list as described in the instructions). Copy and paste screenshots into a word processor, include a short explanation, and lastly save it as a PDF to be included with your zip file which contains the code file.