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C#代写 | INFT2051 Assignment 1: Draft project presentation

C#代写 | INFT2051 Assignment 1: Draft project presentation



You have been asked to prepare a demonstration of mobile technologies to the directors of a
technology company. At this stage they are looking for a concept only. You will prepare a draft plan
of your project that uses mobile technologies. This project should be a practical project that uses the
techniques discussed in this course. It must include a mobile App using the techniques taught in this
course. It is to be preferably written in C# using Visual Studio and Xamarin, or if needed and
approved by the course coordinator in Java using IntelliJ and Codename One.

What is not acceptable:

• A concept that does not use the methods and techniques discussed in this course.
• Any material that has been submitted for assessment for another course.
• Any material prepared by another person/team. All material presented, including visual aids,
must be your work.
• Vague statements about what your project will do, with no evidence of any plan or progress
towards your goals.
• A completely unrealistic or over-ambitious idea for a project with no concrete idea of how it
will be achieved.

The draft project concept should include a clear plan about the project, where information will be
sourced from, what resources will be required, what technical problems are anticipated and where
you expect to find help to solve those problems. When you are looking for ideas for your project,
see what else is on the web but also try to be original.

At this stage your draft project will be assessed only by a DIGITAL presentation. This will be a
digital video verbal and visual presentation recorded and submitted/published. It is completely up to
you of the format of the video but one simple approach is to record a Zoom session (with your
group if you are working in one) with the session alternating between sharing your desktop to go
through documents and designs of the proposed application, speaking to the camera, PowerPoint
slides, and possibly even a working prototype of your project. If you are working as part of a team,
all members of the team must be present and must participate in the presentation. Make sure you
prepare for your presentation by rehearsing well. Use a presentation style that is clear, so that your
message can be easily understood. Don’t go over time: whenever you are asked to give a
presentation in a professional context you must respect the viewing audience. Going over time
shows disrespect and poor planning. If your presentation lasts more than about 5 minutes, the part
that goes over may be ignored during marking. Try to be entertaining, be confident, and to engage
your projected audience.

Your peer feedback will consist of short comments you make while you watch other presentations.
These comments will be collected, marked and will go towards you mark for this assignment. The
comments you make will not be identified to other students. In other words, your peers will see the
comments you made about them, but will not know who made the comments. Please make the
comment positive and constructive.

Examples of poor and unhelpful comments:
• Your project is useless (too negative)
• You could improve this project (not specific enough – how could it be improved?)

Examples of constructive comments:
• I would like to hear more about the purpose of this project – why is it useful?
• The user interface is not clear, because it’s not obvious what to do after you select option
“A” from the list.