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C++代写 | ECE 3514: Project 2.1

C++代写 | ECE 3514: Project 2.1

本次美国代写是C++ List ADT相关的一个project


This is the part 1 of the second project, P2.1. The goal of this project is to gain practice
implementing singly linked list based on the List ADT. The List ADT header is set up for the node-
based implementation of the List presented in the text. You must complete the node-based
implementation for the singly linked list using dynamic memory allocation and pointers. You’re free
to use the implementation covered in lecture.

1. Implementation Details

1. The Node class:

• Two c++ files Node class implementation are provided for the project: Node.hpp and Node.txx.

A graphical presentation of Node object displayed in Figure 1.

2. The LinkedList Class:

a. This class will implement the LinkedList class which uses the Node class to create a singly
linked list. The structure of a singly linked list is presented in Figure 2.

3. You must provide a constructor, copy constructor, copy-assignment operator, and destructor for the
List ADT implementation.

4. The copy-assignment operator must be implemented using the copy-swap idiom, so you’ll need to
overload the swap method.

5. The getEntry and setEngry methods should throw a std::logic_error exception when preconditions
are violated.

6. Write unit tests using Catch for your class

2. Grader

We will be using an automatic grader to help you determine your assignment’s completeness and
correctness. A portion of each assignment grade will be determined by the number of passing tests as
determined by the autograder, with our evaluation filling in the rest. This means you know before you turn
in your submission that all is well. You can submit to the autograder as many times as you like, but it is rate
limited (5 submissions very hour) to keep you from using it as your compiler.

For this assignment you should upload a zip file containing only the files: LinkedList.txx
and student_tests.cpp. There is a build target called “submission” configured by default to create this file
with the correct contents in your build directory.