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C++代写 | Design and implement at 3D model viewer program Assignment 3

C++代写 | Design and implement at 3D model viewer program Assignment 3

本次新西兰代写主要为C++ OpenGL 3d模型载入器的assignment

The goal of this assignment is to write an OpenGL program to load a model mesh from a simple wavefront .obj file (see for information on the format) and render it on the screen using the Phong Reflection

1. The 3D model viewer must load an .obj model from file and render it on the screen using the Phong reflection
model to calculate the lighting. The user should be able to rotate around the model to view it at different angles.
2. The model loader must support (at the very least) the loading of the vertexes and normals from the model file. Your
assignment does NOT need to support different smoothing groups, free-form curves or transparent meshes.
You should support:
Vertex Data
• Geometric vertices – v
• Texture vertices – vt
• Vertex normal – vn
• Face – f
Display/render attributes
• Material name – usemtl
• Material library – mtllib
3. For full marks, the model loader should also support reading and rendering of models with texture coordinates,
associated materials (.mtl files) and textures. Your model loader ONLY needs to support the following parameters
from the materials file – Ka, Kd, Ks, Ns, map_Kd, map_Ks.
4. You must only use: C++, OpenGL Core Profile, GLM, stb_image.h, GLSL, GLFW (and GLEW if your OS
requires). Do not use any operating system specific code (windows.h etc), any window management and/or
input/output should be handled with GLFW. For this assignment you must not use any other libraries or APIs.
5. Your assignment should properly delete all memory, buffers when it closes.
6. Extra credit: some .obj files have normal (bump) maps, loading and correctly rendering models with normal maps
will gain you extra marks.

• A single model file may have multiple meshes associated with different materials, how are you going to store and
represent these different meshes?
• Will you write a single, configurable shader program or use different shader programs for different options?
• Not all .OBJ files available online are well-formed, see the stream site for a link to the example model.

You must put the following comments at the top of your program code and provide the appropriate information.
% Assignment number, 159.709, 2021 S1
% Family Name, Given Name, Student ID,
% Explain what the program is doing . . .
Hand-in: Submit your script electronically through Stream
If you have any questions about this assignment, please ask the lecturer.