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C++代写 | CS 225 Project Goals

C++代写 | CS 225 Project Goals


CS 225 Project Goals
In the project you must load one or more data files as a graph and be able to use that graph to
run algorithms of interest to the data set. This must include at least one of the Traversals we
covered in class and be able to output that result.
It must also handle two other options one of which must be from the complex or uncovered
options listed below.
Your code must work on your chosen data set and on other data that is of the correct format to
match the data set you are working on.
Your code must build and run on EWS using only the material in your repo and libraries publicly
installed on EWS. All instructions needed to build the project must be in your repo and easy to
1. BFS (Breadth First Search)
2. DFS (Depth First Search)
Covered Algorithms
1. Shortest Path
a. Dijkstra’s Algorithm
b. Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
2. Minimum Spanning Tree
a. Kruskal Algorithm
b. Prim’s Algorithm