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C++代写 | COMP SCI 4094 Distributed Databases and Data Mining Assignment 3

C++代写 | COMP SCI 4094 Distributed Databases and Data Mining Assignment 3


Important Notes


  • You must do this assignment individually and make individual submissions.
  • Your program should be coded in C++ and pass test runs on 4 test files. The sample
    input and output files are downloadable in \Assignments” of the course home page
  • You need to use svn to upload and run your source code in the web submission system
    following \Web-submission instructions” stated at the end of this sheet. You should
    attach your name and student number in your submission.
  • Late submissions will attract a penalty: the maximum mark you can obtain will be
    reduced by 25% per day (or part thereof) past the due date or any extension you are

The assignment

In this assignment you are required to code a traffic packet clustering engine to cluster the raw
network packet to different applications, such as http, smtp. To accomplish this assignment, a
data preprocessing module and a clustering module should be implemented.
You will have two input files, and you should print two(undergraduate) or three(postgraduate)
output files.

0.1 Input File:

The input file1 contains a distance threshold and the raw network packet information, that is,
seven attributes of a packet: source address, source port, destination address, destination port,
protocol, arrival time, and packet length.

1. Input file1.txt is sample traffic ow information, which looks like:

src addr src port dst addr dst port protocol arrival time packet length 49880 80 6 115258 52 49880 80 6 115307 52 55256 443 6 115310 46 50592 80 6 115314 40 49880 80 6 115341 52 50592 80 6 115350 40 50592 80 6 115363 40

2. Input file2.txt has a number K, and on the next line include K integer numbers represent
an initial set of K medoids, which looks like:

1 (k=1)
0 (Start from index 0, as the initial start medoid)