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C++代写 | COMP 2012 Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures

C++代写 | COMP 2012 Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures


COMP 2012 Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures
Assignment 2 Financial Planner

In this assignment, through the implementation of a financial planer, you will have practices on the following concepts:
Run-time type information (RTTI)
Abstract Base Class

Your solution to this assignment must be based on the given skeleton code provided in the Download section.
Your task is to complete the following:
Account implementation in account.cpp
Expenses implementation in expenses.cpp
Income implementation in income.cpp
Ledger implementation in ledger.cpp
Transaction implementation in transactions.cpp
These are the only 5 files you are supposed to modify/create, zip, and then submit to ZINC.
Comments in the corresponding header files list out the detailed requirements. The description below supplements only the
missing information. You need to read both the source/header files and the webpage description carefully to get the whole
Read the FAQ page for some common clarifications. You should check that a day before the deadline to make sure you don’t
miss any clarification, even if you have already submitted your work then.
If you need clarification of the requirements, please feel free to post your question on Piazza with the pa2 tag. However, to
avoid cluttering the forum with repeated/trivial questions, please do read all the source code comments, webpage
description, sample output, and the latest FAQ (refresh this page regularly) carefully before you post your questions.
You should also check if your question has been asked before posting one. Non-trivial/non-repeated questions would be
prioritized. Please note that we won’t debug for any student’s assignment for fairness.