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C++代写 | 4007CEM Computer Science Activity Led Learning Project 2 Assignment

C++代写 | 4007CEM Computer Science Activity Led Learning Project 2 Assignment


  1. Solo Project (Grp)
    As an individual, conduct a software development project to fulfil the ‘Resit Project Brief’ (On Aula) using the skills you have developed through your program of study. If this is your second resit attempt, you may continue developing the project from your first resit submission.

    1. Project Presentation [ 5/15 Credits ] See Marking Guides
      As an individual, produce a short presentation which includes 3 – 5 minutes of recorded audio about your project. You should include: an explanation of how you planned the project; a brief demonstration of your project working; a detailed explanation of the most interesting section of your code; and an account of the biggest challenge you faced during the project.
    2. Source Code [ 5/15 Credits ] See Marking Guides
      At the end of the project you will submit a document containing all your programming code and a link to your final prototype. Make sure to highlight and reference any code not written by you (The Assessment Section of Aula has a Presentation on Referencing).
  2. Academic Essay (Cw) [ 5/15 Credits ] See Marking Guide
    As an individual, write an essay exploring: “The Future of Quantum Computing” (Guideline: 800 – 1200 Words). If you already attempted this element of the assessment as part of the original or resit assessment you may rework your essay from that attempt as part of this assessment.

Begin by reading at least six quality sources on the topic, taking your time to digest the information. When you start writing, you should include: an introduction to the topic; an in-depth discussion of several important aspects or issues; and an analysis of the implications for the field of computer science and consumers. You should use in-text citation and references to show how what you read supports what you have written (Did you know? The Centre for Academic Writing has lots of useful resources!)

If you have questions about this resit assessment, please contact the module leader.