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C#代写 | 31263 / 32004 Assessment 3 Recreate a Classic Game

C#代写 | 31263 / 32004 Assessment 3 Recreate a Classic Game

本次澳洲代写是一个unity C#吃豆人游戏再现的assignment

Primary Design and Development Constraints:

Regardless of the game that is chosen, there are some important constraints that must be adhered

  1. You must use the Unity version that is used on in the lab room and specified on Canvas.
  2. The game must be made in 2D, using sprites.
  3. Your final game (in Assessment 4) will have at least three scenes – one that is for the main
    menu, one that is a recreation of a level from the original game, and the last that shows off
    you design innovation. You may have more scenes in your project structure if you wish.
  4. All visual assets must be entirely your own creation. These must be different in appearance
    to the original game.
  5. You must have sprite animations in your game. You may also create your own particle system
    effects with 2D sprites.
  6. Audio must be included for all major interactions in the game but the audio clips do NOT
    need to be your own creation. They must be different to the original game but you may
    source these from royalty-free audio websites.
  7. All scripts in the game must be your own creation. You may use learning resources such as
    the Unity manual, forums, Unity Answers, and video tutorials, but you must not use any
    downloaded scripts from the Unity Asset Store, GitHub, or similar. Sophisticated plagiarism
    checking software will be used to ensure that your code has not been substantially copied
    from any single source, whether that is other students or online resources.
  8. You may NOT use the Unity Rigidbody physics functionality or the standard Unity
    CharacterController component (or similar). Therefore, all motion must be coded by you as
    frame-rate independent continuous movement (see Week 5 lecture). If you have a Rigidbody
    or Rigidbody2D component on a gameobject for the purposes of collision detection, it must
    be set to “Is Kinematic” at all times.
  9. Assessments 4 stacks on Assessment 3 – anything you miss in Assessment 3 will likely affect
    your Assessment 4 grade as well.

Assessment 3 – Pac-man Visual Assets, Audio Assets, Level Layout, and Git

Task and Grade Overview:

In Assessment 3, you will be assessed on the first half of the semester worth of lecture and lab
content by preparing visual and audio assets for your game, setting up and beginning to use your
Git repository, and planning for your future development. In this way, you will demonstrate not only
foundational knowledge and skills in development, but also your ability to analyse an existing game,
decompose it into a set of required assets and coded systems, and identifying your own knowledge
gaps for future development plans.

You should start from the top and work your way downwards. These tasks are stacked in terms of
difficulty as well as completing requisite functionality before moving on to later functionality that
utilizes this.

You must complete each grade band before moving onto the next. If there are major issues with an
earlier section, we will not mark the later ones. E.g. If you don’t have any animation (you skipped
that section), but you did make the level layout, we will not mark the level layout section. This is to
encourage students to do good, consistent work throughout each section before moving onto the
next and stopping student’s from thinking they can get easier grades by skipping steps.

Doing more than what is specified below will not get you additional points for this assessment.