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C++代写|Developing and testing a CES device simulator

C++代写|Developing and testing a CES device simulator

本次代写是一个C++ QT CES模拟器开发的project

The goal of this project is to develop and test a simulator for embedded software used in Cranial
Electrical Stimulation (CES) devices similar to the Alpha-Stim and OasisPro products described

A CES device is a non-invasive neuro-stimulation medical device that delivers microcurrent via
an electrode through the earlobes to stimulate the brain for the purpose of therapeutic
intervention. The implementation and testing are to be in C++ using the Qt framework on the
COMP3004-F21 VM which has the Qt Creator IDE installed.

CSE simulator

For purposes of this assignment you can assume a hardware layout similar to that of the Alpha
Stim presented below.

For details of Alpha-Stim AID operation refer to the owner’s manual on Brightspace (AS-AID

What needs to be simulated?

1. ON/OFF switch
2. Continuous circuit check when electrodes are in contact with the skin indicated by a test
circuit symbol that shows contact ON (connected) or OFF (disconnected). If skin contact
is lost during treatment for less than 5 seconds treatment resumes, otherwise, treatment
stops. Loss of skin contact is shown by the indicator changing from ON to OFF.
3. Three frequency options of 0.5Hz, 77Hz and 100Hz.
4. Three wave form options Alpha, Betta and Gamma.
5. 20, 40 or 60 minute countdown cycles.
6. Large timer display. Treatment starts when electrodes touch skin.
7. 0 – 500 µA (microampere) current control (1-10): 50 µA when incrementing and 100 µA
when decrementing.
8. 30 minute auto – off when not in use.
9. Battery charge indicator: device issues a warning at 5% charge and shuts down at 2%
after issuing another warning.
10. Recording: user can choose to record a therapy and add to history of treatment. Assume
only a single user. Therapy information to be recorded: Waveform, frequency, start time,
duration and power level (if changed during therapy choose last selected power level).
11. Automatically and permanently disables itself should a single fault develop within the
device causing the current to exceed 700 µA.