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C#代写|Cpt S 321 Homework Assignment

C#代写|Cpt S 321 Homework Assignment


Assignment Instructions:

Read each step’s instructions carefully before you write any code.

In this assignment you will give your spreadsheet application the ability to deal with problematic
references in formulas. This may require some significant adjustments to your existing spreadsheet code
BEFORE you add the new capabilities (i.e., perform some refactoring).

Below are the cases that you need to handle with respect to references in formulas. In real life,
you’ll need to come up with such lists on your own, but here you are given a list of possibilities to ensure
that you don’t miss anything. Handle all cases by setting some sort of simple descriptive message as the
cell value (see video demo for examples).

1. The cell formula could reference something that doesn’t exist on the spreadsheet. This could
mean it’s a cell name that’s just beyond the range of what our spreadsheet supports, such as
“Z12345”. It could also just be a bad cell name, such as “Ba”. Set the cell value to an error
message as opposed to treating the non-existent cell’s value as 0. Note that this is different than
referencing a cell that DOES exist, but has no numerical value or no value at all, in which case
you still treat its value as 0.

2. The cell formula could reference itself. Think of cell A1 and note that a self-referencing formula
could be as simple as “=A1” or something more complex such as “=B2/(A1*A2)*7”. In ANY case
where it contains itself in the formula the cell must set its value to an error string.

3. The cell formula could contain a circular reference. A simple example is that cell A1 has the
formula “=B1” and cell B1 has the formula “=A1”. But note that the harder case is that the
circular reference comes from more than one “step” in the evaluation chain. Consider a sheet
with the following formulas:

In this example no cell contains a reference to another cell that references directly back to it. But
there is a circular reference chain nonetheless.