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C#代写|COSC2276 / COSC2277 Assignment 1

C#代写|COSC2276 / COSC2277 Assignment 1


1.3 Scope

The aim of this assignment is to develop a menu-based console application for Internet
Banking with .NET 6.0 written in C# using Visual Studio 2022 with an Azure Microsoft
SQL Server database. Database access is to be implemented with ADO.NET and SQL
using the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient package as the provider.

Use of an ORM is not allowed at this stage, you must only use SQL for database related

You will extend the work done for this assignment into Assignment 2.

1.4 Overview

MCBA (Most Common Bank of Australia) has hired you to design their Internet Banking
system. It is a simulated banking application. When complete, the system will be able to:

• Check balances & transaction history.

• Simulate transactions such as deposits and withdrawals.

• Transfer money between accounts.

• Schedule payments (Assignment 2).

• Modify a personal profile (Assignment 2).

• Perform some administrative tasks (Assignment 2).

The system pre-loads customer, account, and login information from provided web
services. A REST call to these services is required to download JSON data which is then
loaded into the backend database.

You will be provided a SQL script file called CreateTables.sql. Please make sure you
execute this script on your database. This script is only a suggestion, and you can modify
the database structure, e.g., changing or adding constraints, default values, tables, fields,
etc… however an unnormalized database with duplicated data / not well-defined entities /
or too few tables will attract HEAVY penalty.

1.5 Business Rules

1. A CustomerID and AccountNumber are unique and will be exactly 4 digits long.

2. A LoginID (used to hide customer information when logging in) are unique and are
exactly 8 digits long.

3. Only two types of accounts are allowed: Savings and Checking.

4. The minimum balance to open a savings account is $50 and $500 for a checking

5. The minimum balance allowed in a savings account is $0 and $300 for a checking

6. A user can have both a savings and checking account.

7. A user cannot have multiple saving accounts or multiple checking accounts.

8. The transaction types are: