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C++代写|COMP1011 Programming Fundamentals

C++代写|COMP1011 Programming Fundamentals




The objectives of this subject are:

1) To provide students with knowledge on the fundamental elements in computer programming;

2) To introduce advanced computer programming techniques necessary for developing more sophisticated computer application programs.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to:
• Understand programming elements for solving computing-related problems
• Possess the ability to design and develop ecient computer programs for solving problems
• Possess the ability and knowledge to learn other high level programming languages independently
• Develop skills in problem solving using systematic approaches
• Identify and develop problem solutions in a logical manner
• Solve complex problems in groups and develop group work

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity refers to the honest and ethical manner in which academic work is done, whether it is an assignment, an examination, an oral presentation, or a
project or report. PolyU views Plagiarism as a serious disciplinary oence. It is a fundamental value that all students at PolyU are expected to uphold. Academic Integrity is central to the ideals of this course. Students are expected to be independently familiar with the Regulations of Academic Integrity and to recognize that their work in the course is to be their own original work that truthfully represents the time and eort applied. Violations of the Regulations are most serious and will be handled in a manner that fully represents the extent of the Regulations and that befits the seriousness of its violation.
Finish all lab exercises and assignments BY YOURSELF ALONE. Code with high similarity (in terms of structures and coding patterns) is also regarded as plagiarism.
ZERO mark will be applied to both copyee and copier.

Grading Policy

Assignments and project reports have to be uploaded using BlackBoard. If homework is submitted after its due time, it will be considered a full day late. There will be a 10% deduction for homework that is up to two days late, and a 20% deduction for homework that is three days late. We will not accept any homework that is more than three days late. Plan your time carefully, and don’t wait until the last minute to start an assignment so you have time to ask questions and get help. For assignments, in-class tests, and final exam, extensions and makeups will only be given in documented cases of serious illness or other emergencies. Leaving a phone message or sending an e-mail without confirmation is not acceptable.