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Robotic代写MATLAB | Intro to Robotics HW 2

Robotic代写MATLAB | Intro to Robotics HW 2

HW 2 – Orientation, poses and transformations Due: 2019.09.25 End of day
G. Fainekos – Intro to Robotics – Fall 2019
Figure 1 – Two iRobots. Left: Robot 1; Right: Robot 2
Consider two iRobot Create that execute a motion pattern as in the figure above. We have a localization system that tracks Robot 1 (on the left). Robot 1 has two markers with unique identifies as in Figure 2. The position of each marker is derived with respect to the frame of the localization system. The localization system itself is placed at (-5,-5,5) with first a rotation of 45o around the z axis and then a rotation of 60o around the y axis as in Figure 3 (Frame C). The global frame is at (0,0,0) (Frame G in Figure 3).
Furthermore, Robot 1 carries a tracking system which tracks the position of Robot 2 with respect to the frame of Robot 1.
You will be given the data recorded for Robot 1 and Robot 2. You will have to write a function that computes the position of Robot 1 and 2 with respect to the global frame. You will modify the template m-function HW2GetRobotTrajectories.m provided on Canvas.
You will be graded by how your function performs with inputs of different robot trajectories, but with the same camera configuration.
 All angles are/should be in radians Files and templates provided on Canvas:
 H2_visualize_data_script.m: A script that loads the data, executes your code and displays the trajectories. This is provided as a visualization tool for debugging and also to make sure that your code satisfies the interface requirements.
 HW2_data.mat : a Matlab file with the following arrays: o Inputs:
Figure 2 – Markers on Robot 1

 rel_rob1_pos – The trajectory of Robot 1 with respect to the localization system
 rel_rob2_pos – The trajectory of Robot 2 with respect to Robot 1
o Outputs:
 reference_data_rob1 – The trajectory (x,y,θ) of Robot 1
with respect to the global frame
 reference_data_rob2 – The trajectory (x,y) of Robot 2 with respect to the global frame
 HW2GetRobotTrajectories.m: The template to implement your code. The template provides instructions on expected inputs and outputs and the relevant functions from the Robotics Toolbox for your homework problem.
o Importantrestrictions:
 No messages should be displayed
 No figures should pop-up
 Do not load any data in the function file; all data should be passed through the
function interface.
 plot_vehicle_poses.m, animate_vehicle_poses.m: functions to plot or animate
vehicle poses. The folder also contains a number of secondary functions from Peter Corke’s Robotics Toolbox supporting the plotting functions.
Max points: 100 Criteria:
 You should be able to reproduce the trajectories plotted in Fig. 3.
o If not, partial credit will be assigned based on whether you make some progress toward
that goal, .e.g,. are you consistently rotating for a wrong angle?
 10% of the points will come from coding style: Did you write your name? Do you have
comments? Do you use proper indentation? Is your code readable?
 You are allowed to resubmit as many times as you like subject to the late homework submission
policy. We will only keep the score of your latest submission. If you submit late, then the penalty is applied based on the number of days since the due date – even if your initial submission was on time. Very late submissions may be graded during the exams week. If you would like timely feedback you have to submit by the due date.
 Your updated template file: HW2GetRobotTrajectories.m
Note: your submission will be checked for plagiarism and academic integrity violations.

Figure 3 – The global frame {G} and the localization frame {C}. Blue trajectory: Robot 1; Red trajectory: Robot 2.