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集成电路代写|ESE562: Analog Integrated Circuits – Final Project

集成电路代写|ESE562: Analog Integrated Circuits – Final Project


In this assignment you need to design an analog processor that computes the
third root of a number using a polynomial function F(x) as :

F(x) = x2

1. Using MATLAB plot F(x) vs x for -10 < x < 10. [5 points]

2. Design a circuit that takes the x as inputs (currents or voltages) and
produces an output F(x). Simulate the circuit using CADENCE tools.
Export the data points from the simulation into a text file and import the
data into MATLAB for analysis. [10 points]

3. Modify the previous circuit to solve: x2 = 2 such that x = √2.You would
need to perform a transient simulation starting with some initial condition
x0 after which the circuit stabilizes to a final steady-state. Be mindful of
feedback and stability issues. [15 points]

4. For your presentation/report you need to submit 4 slides.

(a) Summary slide – Algorithmic level innovation and approach.

(b) Circuit schematic

(c) Results: Plot comparing MATLAB simulation and circuit
simulation for question 2.

(d) Results: Plot showing transient simulation of the circuit
estimating the value of √2 in question 3. Also, compare the accuracy with the
correct solution.


You will get an A in this course if you are able to implement a circuit that can
estimate the value of π using the concepts in 2-4.