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集成电路代写|ECE 423/523 – CMOS Integrated Circuits II

集成电路代写|ECE 423/523 – CMOS Integrated Circuits II

本次美国代写是一个集成电路的problem Set

Take an existing opamp design (e.g. hw4), and convert it to a fully differential output opamp with
common-mode feedback (CMFB).

Use an ideal voltage source (you choose the voltage) as the output common-mode voltage reference.
Specifications (fill in with your design results in the empty places)

Power supply 1.8V

Load 10pF (for each of the two output nodes to ground)

**Differential loop gain –
**Differential loop UGBW –
**Differential loop PM –
CMFB loop gain –
CMFB loop UGBW –
CMFB loop PM > 45°
Output CM accuracy/error < ±0.1V
Output swing –
Power consumption –

** Differential loop characteristics should be obtained with 1pF input and feedback capacitors.
You may use 1GΩ resistors for simulation as/where needed.

Eliminate the differential feedback (1pF capacitors) when doing CMFB evaluation.