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软件工程代写 | EECS 293 Software Craftsmanship Quiz

软件工程代写 | EECS 293 Software Craftsmanship Quiz


Quiz 1

1. (3 points) State whether error handling should be treated as an
architectural issue or as a coding convention, and briefly explain your

2. (3 points) A programming team is well versed in Java, but is now
considering to switch to a brand new programming language called
SuperScript. Briefly outline some of the reasons in favor or against
moving to SuperScript.

3. (4 points) Briefly explain the difference between programming in a
language and programming into a language.

Quiz 2

1. (3 points) Briefly explain the benefits of writing a comment to explain a
missing else clause.

2. (3 points) Identify and fix the problem with the following code snippet:
if (tokenTypeFound == true) {

} else {


3. (4 points) The Student Disinformation System uses variables that
represent university course offerings. These variables are strings
consisting of course subject, catalog number, group (for example,
engineering or management), and campus building, separated by
commas. The format is pervasive throughout the code, and is used for
local variables, and for arguments and return values of many methods.
Briefly explain the problems with this approach and suggest an