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软件工程代写|KIT206 Software Design and Development

软件工程代写|KIT206 Software Design and Development


Question 1. (Assessing ILO: 1)

Consider the following excerpt from a social media site. The excerpt
describes a use-case for viewing and posting messages. Write the action–
software reaction table that would be part of the structured scenario for
this use case.

Question 2. (Assessing ILO: 1)

The Animal Kingdom consists of many kinds of animals including reptiles
and fish. All animals breathe, eat, and produce young. Both reptiles and
fish lay eggs, but not all animals do.

Reptiles can be classified as ‘vegetarian’ or ‘carnivorous’. Each has a
length, a weight, and a common name. Carnivorous reptiles can hunt.

Fish also have a length, a weight, and a common name. All fish can swim
as can some reptiles.

Zoological gardens (zoos) contain many reptiles and many fish. A zoo can
calculate how many reptiles it has and how many fish it has.

Draw a UML class diagram that best describes the above information.

Include attributes and methods that are mentioned in these classes.

(Treat actions, like hunt or swim, etc as methods.) Include multiplicities,
enumerations, specialisation, and so on, where relevant.

Question 3. (Assessing ILO: 1)

Draw a UML sequence diagram to show what happens when the following
four classes are executed as a C# application.

class Program {
static void Main(string[] args) {
A a = new A();
B b = new B{ Thingy = a };
class A {
public void DoIt(C c) {
class B {
public A Thingy { get; set; }
public void Exec() {
public void Alt(A Thingy) {
C c = new C();
class C {
public void Display(A a) { /* code omitted */ }