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程序代写|SD6501 – Mobile App Development Assignment 1

程序代写|SD6501 – Mobile App Development Assignment 1



Assessment Guidelines

  • You are required to submit an electroniccopy of your source code and compiled bytecodes.
  • Create a project folder called SD6501_Assignment1_yourStudentIDwhere you will place all your files. Remember to zip this folder before submitting it to Assignment 1 submission box in the SD6501 Moodle course page.
  • Submit your work on or before the due date. The submission box will be closed and will no longer be accessible after the deadline.

Late Work & Extension

  • Handing in the work after the due date without extension is considered late.Students will be advised of any penalties to be imposed for late submission.
  • Lecturers reserve the right notto mark work that is handed in late.
  • Students are encouraged to manage their schedules in order to meet deadlines. Under exceptional circumstances, (e.g. bereavement, illness, accident) students may be granted an extension of the due date of Assignment.Extensions are not granted automatically. A request for extension must be made at least 24 hours before the deadline of Assignment 1. If a student applies for an extension, a relevant evidence (e.g. medical certificate) must be presented.

Pass Requirements

  • Students must attempt all Assignments and Exam.
  • Students must obtain at least 40% in the examination and a final mark average of 50%.

Summary of Tasks for Assignment 1

For this assignment, you are required to show your competency in:

  • Developing a mobile application using Android Studio
  • Writing a mobile application program that exhibit different features of Android and Java programming
  • Designing and developing sophisticated mobile interfaces that utilise rapid prototyping technique

Task: Build your own Android App

  1. Discuss the app idea that you wish to develop with your tutor. Make sure that your topic will be approved first before proceeding with the development.
  2. Develop a mobile applicationthat demonstrates the basic and core concepts of Android using Java programming language. Your app should include the following functionalities and specifications:
    • A login screen where users can enter their credentials
    • Implementation of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts (e.g., inheritance, polymorphism, etc.)
    • At least two Android features that were not(or not yet) covered in class but are required for your app. The objective is to demonstrate your proficiency at discovering new features (e.g., menus, tabs, lists, access to camera or contacts, etc. ). Which you can then implement because you should have built up enough general familiarity with Android to be able to do this.
  1. Write a project documentationwith the following content:
    1. Description of the application that you are building, deliverables and the requirements specification.
    2. Conceptual framework.
    3. List of classes, activities, methods, etc. that you used in your design.
    4. Discussion of constraints and strategies applied during the development.

Screenshots of the final app components.