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游戏引擎编程代写 | Basic Game Engine Assessment Guide

游戏引擎编程代写 | Basic Game Engine Assessment Guide



AIT Game Studio plans to develop a new game for kids to launch in the market within
the next 6 months. You are hired as game developer in the studio and have got the game
brief as below:

Target Audience: Kid age between 7-15 years old
Genre: Any
Classification: G
Platform: PC based windows game

As per global economic crisis AIT Game Studio has a limit budget for development and
promotion of the game project, so R&D manager (your teacher) has an idea for internal
competition for selecting a game. All development teams are to deliver a simple game
prototype. To select the winner, a manager will look into the key factors below:

● Creativity
● Criteria or product specification achievement
● Development and programming skill
● Project management and teamwork

Assessment 1

For teams of 2 developer, you have to present the game concept by developing a simple
prototype to demonstrate:
● Game theme
● Game story
● Genre
● Game Character

Development Specification
● C++ with SDL2 library
● Git Repository for source code control

Note: You may select the scene from the list below for this task.
● Game title scene
● Game menu scene
● Ending scene