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数据库代写|ICT285 Databases Assignment 2 Marking Rubric

数据库代写|ICT285 Databases Assignment 2 Marking Rubric

这是一篇来自澳洲的关于数据库代写的Assignment 2 Marking Rubric


Part  Criteria  Mark 

Q 1 (15 marks) ERD

15 marks on the following basis

– Created an efficient entity-relationship diagram showing the data requirements of the system. Demonstrated an adequate understanding of how to develop an ERD

– Diagram is complete and concise. Diagram is clear and readable.

– Demonstrated an excellent understanding of all elements of the scenario, and a high level of independent thought and critical thinking.

Things to look out for

– Appropriate legend

– Entities that will support the data requirements of the system

– Relationships specified in such a way so as to support the system requirements

– Full set of attributes required

– Cardinality and participation constraints are correct

– Does the design work?

– Assumptions


(5 marks)



5 marks

  • Provide sufficient reflections as to how the ERD had to change from the original design (from assignment 1).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to develop an effective ERD
  • Clear justifications and reasoning provide to support the changes


(15 marks)

Data dictionary

15 marks

Things to look out for

Lists the tables, the columns, their domains and any other constraints that apply as per the question’s instructions

-For each table: Table Name, Primary key, foreign key(s) and referential actions

-For Columns: Name, Domain, Required(?), Some brief description, Default value,

Domain characteristics

-Checking for inappropriate data types/lengths

-Check for really short or really long columns




20 marks distributed on the following criteria:

Provided complete correct responses to all 5 parts of the question (a-e)

(20 marks)

Things to look out for

  • Tables are created as per data dictionary
  • All entity and referential integrity constraints should be created and named as per the data dictionary
  • All columns should be of an appropriate domain/size and set as required or not as appropriate
  • All tables should be populated with sample data


(25 marks)



5 marks for each of the transactions

Provided all the SQL statements

Things to look out for

– Correct attributes given

– Correct use of commands

– Linkage

-Capitals used for command and Attribute type e.g. INSERT

– Correct concept in undertaking the questions


(20 marks)


4 marks for each view

Provided all the SQL statements (viewA-viewE)

Views should Run correctly, and They have met the specifications.

Formatting and presentation

(5 marks*)

*Up to 5 marks may be deducted from the overall mark based on the following:

– Standard Font Size and Colour i.e., Arial/12.

– Formatting and layout: double line spacing, page number, separate sections, aligning paragraphs.

– Includes a title page and table of contents. Correct use of equations, footers, and headers.

– Good technical style, avoiding excessive jargon, grammar, and spelling.

Please note the following about the marking of this assignment:

  1. The marker will view your documentation and then match your documentation to your implementation. This means for example, that tables, columns and constraints should be named in your database as they are in your documentation. Relationships defined in your ERD should be defined in your database.
  1. The marker will view the sample data in your tables.
  2. The marker will check that the data as per the transactions in 5 above have been included.
  1. The marker will execute each of the views created for 6 above.
  2. AGAIN, please ensure that you GRANT the appropriate privileges on all relevant objects (tables and views) to the user MARKERTL. If you do not do  this, the marker will not be able to mark part of your assignment (and you may  be awarded 0 for this section).