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数字电路MIPS代写 | ELEC 385 Computer System Design HW7

数字电路MIPS代写 | ELEC 385 Computer System Design HW7


ELEC 385: Computer System Design Homework #7
Due: March 10, 2021

  1. Write a MIPS assembly language program to count the number of decimal digits in an ascii string of characters. Your program is to prompt the user for the input string, count the number of digits present in the string, and report the result. You may assume the ascii string contains less than 100 characters. Use informative text strings to prompt the user for input and to report the result. Comment your program. Include in your comments a list of registers used with an explanation of how each was used.

    Test your program using MARS. Once everything is working well, run two tests using ascii strings that adequately test your program. Take a screen shot of the I/O window showing the input string and the resulting count (with the informative text strings) for each test.

    Submit a hard copy of your commented source file (.asm) and screen shots of your tests in class on the due date. In addition, name your source file LastName.asm and upload to Brightspace so I can test it.

  2. Replace the non-standard instructions shown below with basic MIPS instructions. Use $at if an additional register is needed in the execution of the instruction. See the Help menu in Mars for a description of each pseudoinstruction. Double check your answer using Mars. Correct as needed.

* Remember that homework is to be single-sided and stapled.