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操作系统代写 | Assignment 3: Operating Systems (3004-7064 Combined)

操作系统代写 | Assignment 3: Operating Systems (3004-7064 Combined)



This assignment weights 15% of the final mark
Marking will be performed based on the video only
However, you will receive 0 marks if you don’t provide slides used in the video
Each of the team members will receive the same mark
We will reject submissions not made in a team


1. Prepare presentation slides. You have an option to either present your scheduler or the
baseline scheduler from Assignment 2.

2. Create a video presentation based on this slides. One or more team members should present
the slides using their voice. You can use Zoom to perform the recording. Alternatively, you can
use any other program of your choice.

3. You video should be no longer than 5 minutes. If your video is longer, we will not watch it
beyond the first 5 minutes .

4. Upload the video to a publicly accessible video hosting service, such as YouTube. Ask your
friends and/or family to test whether they can access the video without the need to login

5. The first slide in your presentation file must contain: (i) student IDs and full names of all team
members, (ii) UG or PG, and (iii) link to the video. Make sure the font is large and the link is
clickable . Don’t forget to specify whether the team consists of undergraduate or
postgraduate students. Mixed teams will be marked using the PG rubric below.

6. Save your presentation slides as a PDF file (e.g., in PowerPoint use File ⟶  Export ⟶
Create PDF Document ), and submit this file via MyUni. This is a team submission. Only one
team member needs to submit the file. Each team member will be able to see and download the