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操作系统代写|CS 471-DL2 Homework 3

操作系统代写|CS 471-DL2 Homework 3


T/F Questions

§ “A system can use either segmentation or paging; but
not both.”

§ “Consider a system using virtual memory techniques. In
order to maximize the CPU utilization, the kernel should
admit more processes to the main memory if it observes
that the current CPU utilization is low.”

§ “In a memory reference, it is possible have a TLB hit and
a page fault”.

T/F Questions (Cont.)

§ “In an operating system that supports preemptive
user-level scheduling, we must have a preemptive

§ “In general, Operating Systems assign a short time
quantum to high-priority interactive threads because
they are I/O-bound.”

§ “Most important problem with the contiguous
memory allocation with variable-size partitions
technique is the external fragmentation.”

T/F Questions (Cont.)

§ “TLB is primarily used to reduce the memory space
needed for the page tables.”

§ “The swapping feature is normally disabled on many
operating systems; the main reason is many
processes are short-lived”.

§ “The x86-64 architecture uses multiple page sizes.”

T/F Questions (Cont.)

§ “When we use Partitioned Scheduling in SMP
environments, processor affinity is generally strong”.

§ “When we use segmentation, we can define different
access rights for different segments.”

§ “With Copy-on-Write feature, new (child) processes
can be created more quickly”.