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安卓代写|EEE3457 Object-oriented and Mobile Device Programming

安卓代写|EEE3457 Object-oriented and Mobile Device Programming




Design and develop mobile apps by integrating techniques learnt in the module.

1. You are required to form group of two students to complete the mini-project.
2. You are required to submit proposal, prototype, final product and report according to the
schedule given.

Work to submit Class Week Assessment Component
Proposal 4 Assignment
Prototype/Interim Viva 9 EA
Final Product/ Demo 13 -14 EA
Report / Proof of work 14 EA

3. Work of different phase will contribute to different assessment components of this module as
shown above.
4. You have to submit your project report in hardcopy. And then upload the softcopy of project
report, Android Studio project folder and proof of work (in video format, limited to 2 mins) to
Moodle. Only ONE submission per group is required.


1. For EEE3457, you have to develop apps for Android.
2. Your apps can be one of the following categories: utilities, education, commercial application
(e-catalog), multimedia application, or any others as supported by lecturer.
3. In your apps, you should cover areas listed below (at least 3 are required):
– Graphical and textual apps
– Multimedia
– Web services
– Location based services

Marks allocation:
Assignment EA
Proposal 10%
Overall Performance 50%
Final Product/ Demo 25%
Report 25%