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代码代写|COMPSCI 761 Assignment 2

代码代写|COMPSCI 761 Assignment 2



  1. [3 marks] Solve the map colouring problem for North Island using Prolog. Up to three colours,red, green, blue, are allowed to use. Two adjacent regions cannot be marked with the same colour.

You may use the following knowledge base:

  • different(red, green).
  • different(red, blue).
  • different(green, blue).
  • different(green, red).
  • different(blue, red).
  • different(blue, green).

Implement a Prolog predicate mapcolouring(N,A,WA,B,G,T,M,H,WE) where the variable X should be the corresponding word as indicated in the following map. Submit your answer as fifile.

  1. [4 marks] The Legend of Zelda is an epic fantasy serial of action-adventure video games. It has been worldwide renowned for more than 35 years. The story happens in an ancient Kingdom

called Hyrule. The series of games centre on the various incarnations of Link, a courageous knight of the kingdom, and Zelda, a magical princess of the kingdom. They fifight together to save Hyrule from Ganon, a devil that wants to destroy the kingdom. At the end of each game of the series, Link uses a legendary sword, master sword, to defeat and seal the devil Ganon and successfully save the kingdom.

Now, consider the following scenario: princess Zelda is locked up by Ganon in a castle. To save Zelda, Link must beat Ganon and open the castle’s gate. But he cannot beat Galon without the master sword. This scenario is abstracted into a 3 ×4gridworld.

In itially,Link is at (1, 1), master sword at (3, 1), Ganon at (2, 2), and three gates at(1,3),(2,3)and (3,3). Each time step, Link can take an action from the following options: Move to an adjacent grid, Pick up the master sword, Attack Ganon, and Open the gate. The result of a Pick is that Link holds the master sword if he is at the same grid as master sword (the grid where the master sword is placed becomes empty after a successful Pick). The result of an Attack is that Link defeats Ganon if he holds the master sword and is at the same grid as Ganon (the grid where Ganon is located becomes empty after a successful Attack). The result of an Open is that the corresponding gate is opened if Ganon is defeated and Link is at the same grid as the gate.

Link will die if he moves to Ganon’s grid without the master sword. When Link is adjacent to Ganon, he can feel an atmosphere of danger, called Calamity. He can also sensor the Aura of the master sword if he is one step toward it.

We use the following atomic propositions to generate a knowledge base:

For any i ∈ {1, 2, 3} and j ∈ {1, 2, 3, 4}

  • Ci,j : Calamity can be sensed at location (i, j)
  • Gi,j : Ganon is at location (i, j)
  • Si,j : Master sword is at location (i, j)
  • HoldingSword: Link has picked up the master sword

(a) Use atomic propositions given above to represent the following static knowledge axioms:

(1) Ganon must be at one location.

(2) Ganon and master sword are not at the same location.

(3) Calamity cannot be sensed at two adjacent locations at the same time.

(b) Use atomic propositions given above to defifine dynamic knowledge axiom OKi,j that denotes that it is safe to move to location (i, j).

Submit your answer as zelda.pdf fifile. (You are asked to write a logic formula to represent or defifine each axiom. The explanation for how you derived the formula is not required.)

  1. [3 marks] Given is a 4 × 4boardwitheachgridmarkedwitheither“+”or“−”.

Thegoalis to fifind all − grid sthataresurroundedby+.

A−gridattheed gecannotbesurroun ded.

For example, in the fol lowing fifigure, the − grids hig hlighted in redaresurto undedby+grids.

Use the constants g11, g12, . . . , g44 to denote the coordinates of grids. Use the rules neg(G) and pos(G) to denote a grid marked with − and +, respectively, where the variable G ∈ {g11,g12, . . . , g44}.

You are requested to:

Build a knowledge base and implement a Prolog predicate is surrounded (G) such that is surrounded (G) is true if G is a −gridandissurrounded by+ grids, and false otherwise. You are allowed to defifine any additionnal and auxiliaryrules.

Evaluation. Your programme may be tested using difffferent confifigurations of the board. For example, the confifiguration code for the above fifigure is:

















The confifiguration code will be added at the top of the knowledge base when testing.

Submit your answer as fifile.